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Thomas A. Sirianni

Thomas A. Sirianni – Associate Partner

Thomas A Sirianni Thomas A. Sirianni, is a distinguished New York based serial entrepreneur, investor, and hard money lender.

Having started many businesses from technology to real estate, Thomas has lectured extensively on short sales to numerous organizations and is a highly sought after “problem solver,” who has been told to have “business in his blood.”

After practicing law in New York for over a decade, Thomas decided to focus primarily on private lending, in effort to fill a niche where banks have failed to do so. With the rapid growth of his business, Thomas began borrowing other people’s money to lend. His reliable reputation opened the doors to consulting with numerous private companies, that earned him the nickname “the business alchemist”

Thomas has the uncanny ability to solve virtually any business problem, in any industry sector. Thomas is an expert in critical and analytical thinking skills, and can detect “missing pieces” in business plans, to help fill the gaps, thus resulting in increased profit margins, allowing investors a greater rate of return.

Thomas is also a born philanthropist, and subsequent “wish granter” for the Make A Wish Foundation. He began a 501c3 Charity Organization with a group of associates entitled The Destiny Foundation (destinyfoundationNY.com), with the primary focus of feeding the less fortunate on Thanksgivings Day. He is most proud of this event, where his foundation has fed hundreds of people during the holiday season.

Thomas earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Bloomsberg, while on a football scholarship. In 1999, he graduated with a Juris Doctor from Touro Law School. To date, Thomas resides on the North Shore of Long Island, and enjoys spending time with his three beautiful children, the view of the ocean where tide meets the shore, dining on Authentic Italian Cuisine in Manhattan, training Brazilian Juijitsu, and practicing Ashtanga Yoga.